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Welcome to the Infineon Solution Finder.

It aims at finding the right product for the right application in a very short time. It consists of the following three tools:

  1. The "Product Finder" is an enhanced parametric search engine organized in various desks by functionality (e.g., MOSFET, Microcontroller Desk, etc.):
    - Step 1: Click on "Infineon Solution Finder" pull-down and select your desk. Now enter your product parameters & click "Display Results"
    - Step 2: a list of products that match your specification will be displayed (fuzzy match in yellow)
    - Step 3: click on the product name to learn more about product benefits, features, support & buying info
  2. The "Application Finder" is a fast circuit & block diagram finder organized in various application desks (e.g., Motor Control Desk, "Switched Mode Power Supply Desk", etc.). It is still under construction and we plan to release desk by desk.
    - Step 1: enter your application parameters from an engineering point of view & click "Show circuits"
    - Step 2: a list of circuits that best fits your specification will be displayed and the trade-offs shown
    - Step 3: click on the various circuits and learn about the products, bill of material (BOM) involved
  3. The "Simulation & Tool Finder" brings the vast Infineon tooling at your fingertip. Our sophisticated online simulation tools like IPOSIM Power Module thermal simulator, Light Desk LED design tool including the DAVE microcontroller tooling. Also Evaluation Boards can be easily accessed here.


The intention of the Infineon Solution Finder is to offer a quick product and application search covering the whole Infineon product- and application portfolio. For improvement and maintenance reasons all data & algorithms are subject to change without prior notice. Calculations & simulations are based on simplified assumptions and operating condition which may not reflect the complexity of your real world system.

For these reasons Infineon cannot take any responsibility or liability for the results generated by the Solution Finder's program. Please take this into account and carefully study all datasheet & application notes when designing your system. For questions please contact our support team!

Version Info:

Product Finder - #75fd959

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