Corporate Citizenship

As a socially committed company, we consider as a voluntary approach to make an ongoing positive contribution to the development of the local communities in which we operate. Corporate Citizenship, understood as our voluntary commitment to these communities, is therefore a key component and one of the six pillars of our CSR strategy.

Based on the ten principles contained in the UN Global Compact, the OECD’s (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) UN Millennium Development Goals and the UN Local Agenda 21, Infineon has created the so-called Corporate Citizenship Guidelines .

This Corporate Citizenship Guideline helps us to ensure that our donations make a sensible contribution to the communities supported and are carried out in accordance with transparent criteria and that the final activities supported comply with the ethical standards which orientated our business.

Please find bellow the amount spent in 2016 fiscal year with our Corporate Citizenship initiatives:

In addition to monetary and material donations, we are proud of the commitment of our employees in voluntary activities supported in all these fields of initiatives.

Education for future generations

This field of corporate citizenship support young talents with their studies and development, provides endowment of professorships and chairs at recognized universities and also provide support to students to improve their education condition, expanding their knowledge and experience.

Please find below examples of initiatives in this field in the 2016 fiscal year:

  • Support for the Zhenglou primary school in Anhui province, China
  • Support for the Graz University of Technology Master’s degree program in Electrical Engineering in Austria
  • Program “Robot Building Workshops @IFRO” in Romania
  • Employees organized a free training session on the topic of electrical engineering for students in Batam (Indonesia)

Addressing local social needs

This field support cultural events and activities to improve quality of life of people of surrounding cities and communities. It also support and maintain social programs and organizations that support people in vulnerable conditions. Others initiatives focus to contribute to the economic development of surrounding regions.

Please find below examples of initiatives in this field in the 2016 fiscal year:

  • Support for the organization “Habitat for Humanity” in Temecula (USA)
  • Development of topic-oriented platforms for exchange between university students, commercial enterprises, industry, and professional associations in Austria
  • Support for public institutions in painting schools and orphanages in Batam (Indonesia)
  • Support for the “Deutsches Global Compact Netzwerk” foundation

Activities in the field of ecological sustainability

Our aim is to support environmental initiatives for the awareness of the population regarding the importance to protect the environment and the ecosystems.

Please find below examples of initiatives in this field in the 2016 fiscal year:

  • Support for the project “Environment Protection - Low-Carbon Life” of the China Youth
  • Development FoundationDevelopment of the “Go Green” project in Kulim (Malaysia)
  • Support for the greenhouse gas project of “Asociatia Ana si Copiii” in Romania

Emergency aid for the victims of natural and humanitarian disasters

These focus areas are supplemented by our commitment in the field of emergency assistance in the event of natural and humanitarian disasters.

In 2016 fiscal year Infineon and its employees provided support for the victims of the following events:

  • Support for the Romanian Red Cross in caring for the fire victims of the “Colectiv Nightclub”
  • Donations to UNICEF Sweden for the purchase of water purification tablets in case of humanitarian disasters